Civil Society Dialogue (CSD) between Türkiye and the EU

Civil Society Dialogue (CSD) has celebrated its 15th anniversary as one of the oldest and most established grant programs implemented for civil society in Türkiye within the framework of the European Union (EU) Pre-Accession Financial Assistance (IPA). The Programme, co-financed by the EU and Türkiye, brought together hundreds of civil society organizations (CSOs) from Türkiye and EU member countries around shared activities and goals; It enabled mutual information exchange, experience sharing, cooperation and development of permanent dialogues.

CSD, which completed its sixth period in 2023, contributed to bringing EU norms and examples of best practice to our country and improving mutual understanding through partnerships and networks developed in different thematic areas between Türkiye and the EU. With 529 projects and over 650 partnerships implemented within the scope of the Programme, the regulations implemented during the EU harmonisation process in Türkiye were adopted at the local level, and the project implementation capacities of associations, foundations, local governments, universities, cooperatives, professional chambers and unions improved, and bridges to the future were built throughout this process.

Since 2008, a total of 291 organisations from 26 EU member states and 3 IPA countries have become part of the Dialogue. Nearly 465 thousand people from Türkiye and EU member countries came together at the events. Nearly 50 million people were reached through social media campaigns. A grant support of 53.1 million euros was provided to the projects carried out within the scope of the Programme, which aims to establish and deepen the dialogue between Turkish and EU civil societies.