Civil Society Gathering: Supporting Social Entrepreneurship Meeting Was Held

The “Civil Society Gathering” meetings coordinated by the Directorate for EU Affairs hosted the Support for Social Entrepreneurship event which brought relevant parties together on 14th of September, 2020.

The opening of the event were made by Ahmet Hakan Atik, Head of Project Implementation Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs and Ahmet Karan, Social Policy and Employment Sector Manager of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey and the meeting was moderated by Nejat Dogan, expert on social entrepreneurship.

Participants from non-governmental organizations which are working in the field of social entrepreneurship, relevant departments of universities, academicians and field experts exchanged their views on the social entrepreneurship at the online meeting.

In the pursuit of the presentation with regard to Social Entrepreneurship Support Programme made by Murat Ozcelebi, EU Affairs Expert – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs-, the participants shared their comments and suggestions.