Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue Between Türkiye and the EU – Phase II

Programme Details

Programming Year : 2016

Reference Document: 2016 Action Document

Beneficiary: Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Contract Type : Construction and Grant Component

Programme Scope

This project includes one construction and one grant component. Within the scope of the construction component, it is aimed to restore the historical Sinop Prison and introduce it to the city’s tourism as a culture and art centre.

“Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and Dialogue Between Türkiye and the EU – Phase II”, implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the financial support of the EU, is a common cultural heritage programme implemented jointly between organisations in Türkiye and the EU. It aimed to promote and develop heritage activities. The general goal of this grant programme is to develop civil society dialogue and international cooperation on cultural heritage through culture and arts, and to promote cultural values in Turkey.

The contracting authority of the program is CFCU.

21 projects were financed within the scope of this grant programme. The implementation of the projects started in April 2021.

The geographical distribution of beneficiary institutions is as follows:

Türkiye – 18 projects

İstanbul – 6 projects,

Adana – 2 projects, Ankara – 2 projects, Kayseri – 2 projects

Antalya – 1 project, Bitlis – 1 project, Eskişehir – 1 project, Gaziantep – 1 project, İzmir – 1 project, Manisa – 1 project

EU Member States – 3 projects

Germany – 1 project, Spain – 1 project, Italy – 1 project

You can access detailed information about the projects by clicking on the relevant reference number.

Ref. No. Contract Number Beneficiary Project Name
016 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/016 Gaziantep’i Geliştirme Vakfı Cross-Border Tales
049 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/049 Ankara Filateli ve Kent Araştırmaları Derneği Towards the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey: The Fifty-Year Diplomatic Relations Between Turkish And Foreign Missions In Çankaya-Ankara (1920-1970)
086 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/086 İzmir Kent Değerlerini Koruma ve Geliştirme Derneği Heritage Alive
090 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/090 Tünel Kültür ve Sanat Derneği Cultivating Documentary as Cultural Heritage
105 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/105 Sınırlı Sorumlu Obasya Turizm Geliştirme Kooperatifi Culture Knows No Borders
147 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/147 Turhan Anadolu Kültür ve Kalkınma Vakfı -ANKA Vakfı Sustainable Turkish-Italy-Greece Joint Project for Restoration And Promotion of Small Objects of Ancient Kanesh in Kayseri Museum
148 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/148 BEL-SİN Eğitim-Hizmet- Güzelleştirme ve Yardım Vakfı Sustainable Turkish-Bulgarian Joint Project for Digitalisation And Promotion of Cultural Heritage of Ancient Kanesh and the Story of 70 Years of Kültepe Excavations
150 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/150 Associazione Rotta di Enea On the Steps of Aeneas: A Common Cultural Heritage Between Italy and Turkey
165 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/165 Aşıklı Höyük Dostları Derneği An Intercultural Dialogue Through Art and Archaeology
184 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/184 MitOst Performative Journey on the Via Eurasia Cultural Route
197 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/197 Avrupa Birliği Çalışmaları Merkezi Derneği Kefe/Scale
222 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/222 Eskişehir Sanat Derneği Puppets of the Old City
223 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/223 İstanbul Zincirlikuyu İnşaat Teknik Ve Yapı Meslek Lisesi Mezunları ve Mensupları Derneği Traditional Touch to the Preservation of Wooden Heritage: Master Hands-Young Brains Cooperation Project
231 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/231 Türkiye Tasarım Vakfı From ANCIENT Anatolian Crafts to MODERN Designs
243 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/243 Eyüpsultan Kültür, Sanat, Spor, Eğitim Ve Dayanışma Derneği Cities with Stories
260 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/260 Uçan Balon Çocuk ve Gençlik Derneği Dialogue For Cinema as Cultural Heritage: Identification, Recognition and Community-Based Inventory of Cinemas as the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Adana Via Cross-Border Dialogue
271 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/271 Ahlat Doğal ve Kültürel Mirası Yaşatma Derneği Eyewithnesses of History are Standing Up
288 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/288 Antalya Kültürel Miras Derneği Documentation, Digitalisation and Promotion of the Traditional Beehives and Granaries in Teke Highland Elmalı, (Antalya/Turkey)
289 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/289 Col•lectivat SCCL Judeo-Spanish Connecting the Two Ends of the Mediterranean
295 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/295 İstanbul Kültür ve Sanat Vakfı Multidisciplinary Platforms for Cultural Collaboration
300 TR2016/DG/03/A2-03/300 Adana Toroslar Federasyonu Revealing Almost Forgotten Local Food as A Cultural Heritage Component To Establish Functional Dialogue Channel