The First Information Meeting for the Third Phase of the Civil Society Support Programme Took Place in Ankara with the Attendance of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Faruk Kaymakcı

Information meeting for the third phase of the Civil Society Support Programme, implemented by the Directorate for EU Affairs with the support of the EU in order to strengthen the institutional capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Turkey, was held in Ankara. Attending the meeting’s opening session, the Deputy Foreign Minister, Director for EU Affairs and Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı underlined the positive reflections that strengthening the civil society capacity would have on Turkey’s EU accession process. The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Faruk Kaymakcı, who conducted an online questionnaire with the attendees, discussed issues regarding Turkey-EU relations attendees in an interactive environment.

Also attending the meeting’s opening session, Director of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit Mehmet Selim Uslu stated that a grant of 3 million EUR will be provided to the civil society with the Call for Proposals for the third phase of the “Civil Society Support Programme” announced on 10th July 2019, aims at empowering CSOs in terms of their structures and participation capacities to decision making processes and networking skills.

The Information Meeting also featured presentations on the Call for Proposals, application and evaluation processes for the third phase of the Civil Society Support Programme. The attendees were provided with practical information regarding the preparation processes of the proposals.

A minimum 60,000 EUR and a maximum of 100,000 EUR will be granted to the projects developed by associations, foundations, federations/confederations of associations or foundations, and non-profit cooperatives from Turkey. Non-profit organizations from EU Member States can also apply to the grant programme.

There are three priority areas in the grant programme:

  • Developing the institutional capacities of CSOs and promoting cooperation among CSOs,
  • Supporting active citizenship and/or active participation in local, national and international decision-making mechanisms,
  • Supporting improvement of the legal environment for active citizenship.

Project applications must be submitted to the Central Finance and Contracts Unit until 05:00 p.m. on September, 17 2019. Detailed information regarding the announcement can be obtained from, and